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When recording, vibe is key. We want you to feel like your truest self is being put to tape. We also want you to feel inspired and free to experiment with new ideas. Our affordable rates are a reflection of that philosophy.

Take all the time you need shaping the perfect sound or arrangement in your head without breaking the bank or sacrificing audio quality.

And with our 8 years of experience and a wide array of studio toys and top-notch gear, you can be confident we’re picking up what you’re putting down.

We’ve also customized the Miri space with the artist in mind. A music studio should not feel like a doctor’s office. Our walls were painted in trippy, colorful scenes by muralist and tattoo artist Justin Wood. Feel free to crack a beer and listen to mixes on our big comfy couches. Expect professional touches in a friendly atmosphere.

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We are hell-bent on making sure your music comes to life through the speakers.

Punchier kicks, thicker bass, dreamy guitars, and vocals that break hearts and mirrors: Whatever you need, our sound engineers will dig tirelessly to find it, whether it requires special tone-shaping, dynamic control, drum replacement/enhancement, or time/pitch correction.

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Mastering is the dark art of the recording process. We pride ourselves in our ability to shape your final mix into something you’ll be proud to hear on the radio, through headphones, car stereos, tin cans, and any other sound setting.

We’ll carefully adjust frequencies and wave forms as needed to get your single feeling full-bodied. Our engineers will also work hard to ensure your album or EP feels cohesive throughout, capturing the full spectrum of your musical dynamics.

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Live Video Miri Music Sessions


From multicolored overhead lights to spacey wall murals by artist Justin Wood, we pride ourselves in our unique environment. It also makes for an eye-popping setting for our live video series, Miri Music Sessions.

In these sessions, artists play three songs of their choosing. We’ll gladly customize the setting and lighting to fit your vibe. Our crack team of video professionals and audio engineers — which includes Jake Cox (video/production), Andy Borgione (video/production) and Stephen Pamas (audio) — will make sure to capture only your good side. We will take care of all camera work, mixing, slicing and splicing to produce a video that pops off the screen with killer audio to match.

Once it’s done, we’ll gladly share your video on all our Miri Music social media pages. You’ll get a copy of the video and audio to use as you please. Got questions on the desired Miri Music experience? Wanna learn more about our live sessions? Get in touch!

Bass and Guitar Lessons from Ramel Sanchez


I’ve played guitar and bass for 12 years, with performance experience touring in the US and UK.

I love many different genres of music and feel confident playing everything from flamenco guitar to dream pop to doom metal.

I also love to teach!

Each of my private lessons is designed around you — I’m happy to adapt to your learning style or preferred genre.

I pride myself in my patience and open communication. However long it takes, I will make sure difficult musical topics are conveyed in a way that makes sense to you. Beginner, intermediate, or advanced lessons cover everything from chords, scales, and notation to picking techniques and live performance.

Get in touch today and we’ll help push you to new musical heights.